The Best of LipSense for Fall 2014

Get the Look! Crazy, Bold, Fascinating and Alluring would be my only description for the VERY DEEP Berries at the forefront of Fall & Winter Lipstick trends this season.
It’s Daring & Trendy Cool!

LipSense has the perfect shades to achieve just about any variation your heart desires and the best part is that it will stay on yours lips…No Smudge, smearing and will stand up to any KISS test. One of a Kind lipcolor and a thoroughly empowering confidence booster. Love this stuff. Click here to view all the shades.

The Newest Shade of LipSense is Blackberry! It is the perfect piece to creating your signature Deep berry shade.

Blackberry LipSense with Pink Glitter Gloss
Blackberry with Pink Glitter Gloss
Blackberry, Currant, Napa
Blackberry followed by 1 layer of Currant and topped off with 1 layer of Napa

There are a couple additional tips when applying the Blackberry with other shades: When you begin your second layer, start slightly below the outside lipline (leaving a very thin line) of Blackberry,  so there is deeper pigment giving you a look of lined lips..  Also, LipSense Matte Gloss can will emphasize this new look.

1 Layer of Blackberry followed by 2 layers of Blu Red and topped off with Silver Glitter Gloss
1 Layer of Blackberry followed by 2 layers of Blu Red and topped off with Silver Glitter Gloss
Blackberry followed by 2 layers of Red Cherry
Blackberry followed by 2 layers of Red Cherry

Let’s chat! Call me 314-283-6402.  So many variations of this look and I can hardly wait to help you with yours.

The Bride Wore Lipsence

It is with such joy, honor and excitement that I am allowed to share this wonderful SeneGence experience with my new friend & client Sandy…

Here comes the Bride!

Sandy's Wedding

Retro Red: LipSense By SeneGence Blu Red, Plum & Red Cherry
Original Photographs BY Alex from Red Sphere Studios

Sandy contacted me back in early September with the following request:

I desperately need help pairing colors.I have tan olive colored skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. I’m trying to go for an old Hollywood look and want red lips for my big day. I was told that red lipsticks with blue undertones work best. What Linersense would you recommend to pair with a red lipstick.

Romance and A Wedding…In Old Hollywood Glam with True Elegance of yesteryear and Yes! retro Red lips would be perfect for this glorious occasion.
Sandy began with Blue Red Collection set and Rhubard linersense  & with her package included a note suggesting a few other ideas!  I could hardly wait to hear from her and then…

Sandy's Wedding

Dear Carol,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful product! I think it’s great!!!! I love the fact that I can kiss and eat and it doesn’t come off!!! I seriously don’t understand why people haven’t heard of this!!!!
After trying my Blue-Red color, I decided that it was almost perfect, but I just want the color to be a little deeper/darker by just a shade. What do you recommend? Is there another color I can use, or can I use a darker base and put my Blue-Red on top of it?

We emailed back & forth and in the end sent I sent Red Cherry and Plum which layer to make a stunning retro red and would photograph best when topped off with Matte Gloss.

Make-Up Artist & Stylist, Liz Damron, Studio Glam

AND THEN!  Talk about Save the BEST for last, Sandy recently emailed:

Dear Carol,

I wanted to thank you for selecting the perfect lip color I would wear on my wedding day. I have never felt more elegant and beautiful. Thank you for listening to my vision and making it reality. Many of my guest kept inquiring about my lipstick. “That color looks amazing,” “How come your lipstick hasn’t smeared? It looks so perfect!” LOL, I felt like a walking add for LipSense! I loved it, and I will continue to refer your great product and services to all the ladies I know 🙂

I would have sent this message sooner, but I was waiting to receive my wedding pics and forward them to you. These images were taken by our wedding day photographer, Alex from Red Sphere Studios.

Thanks so much!!!!!


Don’t miss the Rest of this story! because she included more pictures…She is beautiful and they are a Stunning Couple!!!

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The Raving Reds of LipSense

It’s no secret that Christina Aguilera, mega celeb, actress & MY FAV panel member on  The Voice LOVES CranBerry and Blu Red LipSense by SeneGence.

Her make-up artist, Kristopher Buckle continues to raves about her lipstick on numerous occasions saying:

“Red lip perfected: “I use NARS Jungle Red Lip liner Pencil,” says Buckle. “I love that red. It’s a good texture so you get a nice sharp edge. Red is so tricky because it can be messy and it can bleed. I use a product called LipSense and the color I have used on Christina (Aguilera) is called Blu-Red. It’s literally like car paint. It’s liquid so you apply it with a wand and it goes on like paint and it doesn’t have any drag to it, so it creates this perfectly gorgeous doll mouth. It dries completely with no moisture to it and then you apply a topcoat with just moisture. It doesn’t move.”
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Sensational Nude Lipstick for Fall

It's All about the Color of Lips this Fall
Fall is finally approaching as today offers major heat relief that I find completely inspiring.  I love every season change and especially one like this fall that presents a striking, COLORFUL palette. Jewel tones are my personal favorite because they translate in my world  to a feeling of truth, clarity and brilliance …and then just minutes later.

My first phone call of the day is a client asking me for a NEW Lipsense Nude lipstick and I quickly responded with “OK, Going to take me research and will call you with the results by the end of the day”.

Down with Boring NUDE colorless Lipstick! Introducing New Nudes that are alluring yet bold, strong with a subtle feminine slant all while being considered Nude.
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It’s All about SeneGence for Fabulous Anytime Skin

Your invited to ask me about SeneGence Skincare anytime because I am a walking, living, breathing testimonial for this marvelous Cosmetic line… but I am also a
SeneGence Distributor.

What good is a SeneGence Review unless it is from a customer?  Welcome! Debbie

Her story began in October with her first purchase of a Cranberry LipSense Collection Set. It was sent to her with a
SeneGence Beauty Book Catalog enclosed with a note from me.

Debbie S. emailed me rather quickly and was elated with the wearability of  LipSense .

It also peaked her interest in the possibility that the SeneGence Cosmetics might suit her very busy and hectic schedule that begins before Sunrise and ends long after Sunset. She wanted to try a MakeSense Foundation sample and I explained that the skincare worked seamlessly with the foundation so I would recommend that as well.

Several emails followed back & forth and in Mid November, Debbie ordered the following SeneGence SeneDerm and Solutions products:

  • Endothermic Mask
  • Polishing Exfoliator
  • SeneDerm Normal – Dry Skincare Collection Set (includes Cleanser, Daytime Moisturizer, Evening Moisturizer and Eyecreme)

In December, Debbie purchased:

  • Climate Control
  • Solutions Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (it’s quite addictive)

Then later in the month I received the following SeneGence Products Review and Testimonial from Debbie (arrived in my email because she could not find the link on this website)

“My skin looks fabulous! My boyfriend says I look 10 years younger and my skin is so soft. I can swear by all of the products. They are fantastic and I have used some very high end cosmetics and moisturizers costing several hundred dollars and SeneGence is by far the best. Thank you”

I love it and it makes me feel warm inside & smile because I genuinely believe in these products and so appreciate when someone trusts my opinions. Thank You! Debbie.

This story is not finished! (don’t forget to read on)

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Kissable Red Lips with LipSense

The Kissable is in the Red LipSenseEvery woman desires alluring, kissable lips and nothing screams that louder than Red Lipstick.

Lately, my emails and phone calls are from women in search of a new Red Lipstick. It’s not about the Red lipcolor they currently own but more the longevity and the messy aspect of lipstick.

Most are in hot pursuit of a long lasting, non-smearing…Completely kissable Red lipstick.


I  GOT IT! You want (and deserve) to be confident that you are looking your best all day! Everyday with Red, Purple, Pink or whatever color you choose to wear on your lips.

Lipsense By Senegence is  the answer to all of those issues!

It occurred to me, that I would truly embrace standing on top of my roof top all decked out in a sassy black dress with the hottest of red heels sharing with the lipstick lovers all over the world the wonders of LipSense.  Lip…Sense… Red Kisses….Muah! Muah!

It is so way COOL!

  • LipSense is a Smudge-Proof lipstick’s
  • LipSense is a Smear-Proof lipcolor
  • LipSense will NOT feather
  • LipSense will not transfer to your Glass, Children, Husbands…you get the idea?
  • LipSense is Water-Proof …Enjoy a little swim or scuba diving or just a shower
  • It will last on your lips from 4 to 18 hours…Guaranteed.

Keep in mind that NO lips are kissable unless they are well moisturized and in good shape.  LipSense becomes a skincare lipcolor the minute you apply the recommended Shea butter gloss on top. Re-apply your gloss to enhance your new Red Lipstick and deliver your moisture throughout the day.

You will have the Best Long lasting Kissable Red lips with Lipsense.

SeneGence! For Women that Expect the Best

Have you Heard of LipSense?

I can hardly wait to share with you.  LipSense long lasting lipstick  is the
Top Pick of many Celebrities,
TV Personalities,
Rock Stars & Pop Stars,
Make Up Artists, NFL Cheerleaders, Dance Teams, Athletes, Brides and
MANY women just like me.
ALL are simply wowed by this magnificent Semi Permanent Lipstain

LipSense is the premier product for SeneGence International. The company was launched  with just SIX lipcolors 11 years ago to rave reviews and many major fans. LipSense and many other SeneGence skincare cosmetics continue to astound women everywhere because these are products that work.

Consumers are so accustom to lofty claims from cosmetic manufacturers that in the end DO NOT even  come close to performing as stated in advertisements. My yesteryear cosmetic graveyard could attest to that statement because of my mere cosmetic obsession.

Then came SeneGence!

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The Best Of SeneGence For You

Yes! I would agree that the title sounds like a Broadway Play.

In this case, it is my very own Play of Inspiring Beauty!

And my Program, as a Professional Beauty Coach is to offer you my Vision, Artistry, and Expert Advice that is filled with Cosmetics fit for a queen or just everyday life. It’s up to YOU!

I look forward to assisting you and it is my pleasure to recommend
SeneGence Cosmetics

After all…It is  my opinion that they are the BEST.

and here is the follow-up recommendation  from yesterday:

First! and Foremost is skincare. Don’t waste money on color cosmetics without addressing your skin. SeneGence SeneDerm 3 in 1 Cleanser, Daytime Moisturizer,  Evening Moisturizer and Eyecreme is result based,very simple regimen and reasonably priced. The skincare is extremely beneficial as supported by Independent lab testing and will create that most beautiful flawless canvas suitable for applying color cosmetics.
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A Day in the Life of A Girl that Loves SeneGence

It’s another Glorious Day in my world of
Girly Fun and Glamor!

Such is my gratifying and most rewarding career as a SeneGence Cosmetic Distributor where I am able to offer women near and far incredibly fabulous products that work.

Love Them! Sense Cosmetics, with the premier product being LipSenseBy SeneGence long lasting lipcolor are all encompassed at the top of my list of  281 reasons why I love my daily passion (hardly can call it a job).

Beauty is my business and I am here to offer you my best expert advice.

Let’s be real here! Are you confident that you look your personal best? Everyday? All Day? Do your cosmetics look impeccable  from morning til night? Can you workout, swim and still look good & protected? Are your cosmetics effective and a value? Do your color cosmetics contain skincare? Do your pores look small & refined? Does your skin look soft & supple yet firm? Do you know the shades of cosmetics that best compliment your skintone?

Is your cosmetic graveyard empty??

Answer NO to any one of these questions and I can hardly wait to work towards the perfect
SeneGence Solutions for you!
and it’s Guaranteed.

Recently, I was contacted by a potential new client named Sarah with the following request:
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The Shades of LipSense Naturals

The New LipSense Naturals are all about Water, Flowers and Plants wrapped into a New Category of Natural Long lasting lipcolor.  Just think?? With just one layer of the New LipSense Natural Rose you will have that longed for natural pink pigment of a young child.

SeneGence is a cosmetic company committed to developing products perform and oftentimes about what’s not it them… and this newest product has hit a home run.

LipSense Naturals The New Naturals

  • No Chemicals
  • No Dyes
  • No Wax
  • No Lead

Lasts 4-6 hours yet so easily removed with Hot water.  One of the  most astounding aspects about this Lipcents, is when I drink my coffee it does affect staying power at all. Love this! This LipSense pigment is truly Natural that supplies safe long lasting lipcolor and with continued use will improve the integrity of your lips.