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Have you ever heard the phrase “Things happen in threes“? My mother used to say that to me even when I was a young girl and of course, I have passed it onto my children. That and alot of other things I said I would NEVER do when I became a parent. BINGO… I just […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I am reflecting on many things as my baby Alexis attended her Senior high school prom last night…Oh my gosh! Her last Prom. She looked beautiful in not only her dress but also her cosmetics…All SeneGence and yes! of course, LipSense . Which leads me to a new thought! As I […]

OooLaLa! It’s time for some glammed up holiday lips…LipSense lips that is! Toss aside the dull colors of neutrals and rev it up several notches to make a powerful statement for the season. Umm! Just keep in mind Reds, Plums, Bronzes, Shimmers, Glimmers and Diamonds. Yes! LipSense comes with genuine Diamond Dust in a wide […]

Meet the best semi permanent lip stain! LipSense is the premier product for SeneGence International. LipSense is botanical based a Semi permanent Lipstain that will not smudge, smear, feather or get cakey like other long lasting lipsticks. The best part is that it will last beautifully on your lips from 4 to 18 hours and […]

Excitement! SeneGence has been part of my life for 6 years. I need to put things in perspective on how long that really is….6 years is exactly 2 years longer than I was in college and about the same time my father gave me permission to send out resumes so that I could leave my […]

Maryanne Preston was One of my 1st LipSense Customers. She was the only person that I knew that had ever been in MLM Network Marketing. I knew that she would help me in with achieving my goals with SeneGence . Little did I know exactly the heights she would soar me & my Sense Cosmetics […]

Have you ever considered a home based business as a consultant for Avon, Arbonne, Mary Kay, BeautiControl or Lip Ink? Yes, they all market cosmetics the same way as SeneGence. Yes, I am certain they all have good products and I have personally used several products from most of the above mentioned companies. But Consider […]

HOORAH! My LipSense customer called this morning to tell me that Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine arrived in her mailbox this past week-end. Peggy said “Brace Yourself” for what is to come for your Sense Cosmetics business and make sure you keep plenty of Brick LipSense & Glossy in stock for me.  She went on to […]

Yes, It’s true! LipSense lipcolor is Semi-Permanent as well as all of the SenGence Sense Cosmetic color cosmetics I apply to my face daily. Lip Sense will last 4 to 18 hours while enduring Breakfast, Lunch, Talking, Working Out, Swimming, Gardening and in fact for many women it will see you through dinner until you […]

A little tough to write in light of the GRIEF stricken families/friends due to the SENSELESS tragedy at Virginia Tech. My heart is broken just thinking of the ALL the pain. Cannot imagine what it was like for any of them to wake up this morning…When there world stopped at that moment they heard the […]

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