Only One LipSense

lipsense-abcs.jpg Have you ever heard the phrase “Things happen in threes“? My mother used to say that to me even when I was a young girl and of course, I have passed it onto my children. That and alot of other things I said I would NEVER do when I became a parent.

BINGO... I just had email #3 today from a prospective new client wanting to know “Why doesn’t SeneGence have just one color that is her perfect shade of lipstick”? I quickly replied that one of the coolest aspects of LipSense is the layeringBasic LipSense Lip Collection capability and the value it creates. You can purchase just three LipScents lipstains to create 27 different color combinations.

  • How much it would cost for 27 quality Lipsticks? $20.00 X 27 = $270.00
  • Are you aware that one LipSense is the equivalent to 4-6 Lipstcks?
  • Do you know that 1 Lipsense will last you anywhere from 3 – 6 months? OH and I have customers that will tell you that they wear it daily and buy ONE a YEAR!
  • LipSense has a shelf life of three years!LipSense is sterile…Yes! Each time you put the applicator back in the tube, it is sterile when you remove the next time.
  • LipSense gives you a complete mechanical shield.

Now I ask you???…Why would you only want one?

The genuine answer is that Lipcents layers and does not combine thus it is possible to make in excess of 1000 different shades with the lipsense colors that are currently available for purchase.

Sincerely, I will try to arrive at just one shade BUT it is not always possible. I do promise that the FUN in Lip Sense is when you own at least three colors. After all, Variety is the spice of life.

Diamondlicious LipSense Lipcolors for this Holiday Season

when-in-paris Lady with LipSense and a poodle.jpgOooLaLa! It’s time for some glammed up holiday lips…LipSense lips that is!

Toss aside the dull colors of neutrals and rev it up several notches to make a powerful statement for the season. Umm!

Just keep in mind Reds, Plums, Bronzes, Shimmers, Glimmers and Diamonds. Yes! LipSense comes withLipSense Lipcolors genuine Diamond Dust in a wide array of absolutely gorgeous shades.

In case you haven’t heardLipSense semi permanent lipstain is applied in layers which makes it just that much more versatile and amazing. Three layers is the magic number for the longest length of wear and will also yield 27 different lipcolor options…WOW!

Here are my Top Pick LipSense Diamondlicious Combinations for a
Jazzed Up Holiday Lipcolor look this Season!

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Which is the Best? LipStick, Long lasting lipcolor or Semi Pemanent Lipstain

Meet the best semi permanent lip stain!

LipSense Is The Only Genuine Semi Permanent LipColorLipSense is the premier product for SeneGence International. LipSense is botanical based a Semi permanent Lipstain that will not smudge, smear, feather or get cakey like other long lasting lipsticks. The best part is that it will last beautifully on your lips from 4 to 18 hours and is purely kissable and waterproof. This botanical based product is mostly about what is not in it such as no wax or resin which is found in most conventional lipsticks. Are you aware that wax and resin will actually dry out your lips?basiclipcollectionlarge.jpg Both will only tame the topical fibers of you lips down thus fooling you into thinking your lips are moisturized when they are not. Once you top off your lipstain with SeneGence Shea butter gloss the Lipstick becomes a skincare product. You can be confident that you will never see another lipstick stain on your glass, napkin or any loved one. Walk confidently every day knowing that your lipstick is on right where you put it which means never on your teeth.

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LipSense and SeneGence…Semi Pemanent Cosmetics

alexis-prom-08.jpg Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I am reflecting on many things as my baby Alexis attended her Senior high school prom last night…Oh my gosh! Her last Prom. She looked beautiful in not only her dress but also her cosmetics…All SeneGence and yes! of course, LipSense .

Which leads me to a new thought!

As I continue on my journey to share & educate women about the wonders of not onlylipsenselarge.jpg LipSense but also our SeneDerm skincare as well as the incredible long lasting properties of all SeneGence Cosmetics. It is truly amazing to me that we are still primarily known as “LipSense”. Yes! I will grant you that LipSense does wow most women that see it although so will all the rest of the SeneGence Sense Cosmetic line once you have tried it.

senegence-sense-cosmetics.jpg These cosmetics are truly a departure from most conventional cosmetic lines. You will notice that not only LipSense but all SeneGence Cosmetics will stay right where you put them from morning ght through the evening. I have personally spent an entire day(s) in the sun while boating, swimming, hanging out on the beach with my cosmetics perfectly intact and being protected on my face with an equivilant of a 30spf on my face. OH! and I forgot mention that at the very same time I have the SeneGence SenePlex Complex on my face in every cream cosmetic I apply.

LipSense is truly the most outstanding long lasting lipstain avaible today but I invite you to experience the rest of the line and as always your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Happy Anniversary To Me…6 Years with SeneGence

happy-seneversary.jpg Excitement! SeneGence has been part of my life for 6 years. I need to put things in perspective on how long that really is….6 years is exactly 2 years longer than I was in college and about the same time my father gave me permission to send out resumes so that I could leave my 1st job out of college with Max Factor which included a transfer to Iowa and return home to a new job with Givenchy in St. Louis, Missouri (Plus lots of travel to 7 other states). Which leads me to giving you a little more insight about me….February and March are always about change for me and that includes preparing for my Spring Cosmetic change which is so much
Fun with SeneGence Cosmetics.

I was originally attracted to SeneGence due to that amazinlogo.jpgg technology long lasting lipstain called LipSense . I was introduced to LipSense at a Beauty Salon in St. Louis, Missouri. I knew that we were in for a long marriage due to my prior cosmetic background…

One of a Kind product that women really wanted & needed.

lipsenselarge.jpg LipSense allows you to change with just 1 new special added color to what you currently own. Let’s say that you have decided that Coral will be the color of choice for you this Spring. But OH NO…you only own 6 different shades of Lip Sense pinks. No problem…I would recommend Burnt Orange LipSense or maybe Samon LipSense. Now let’s say you love Party Pink LipSense and Pink Ice LipSense. You could easily apply Party Pink as your first layer of lip Sense followed with your New Burnt Orange LipSense and your last layer of LipSense would be a light handed layer of Pink Ice. You would then also want to consider Hibiscus Gloss.

Did you know that this type of layering works with all our SeneGence products.? SeneGence allows a woman such creativity when it comes to applying her cosmetics. Maximum Blending capabilities with all Sense Cosmetics.

Do you need some Cosmetic advice? I am here to help! Would you be interested in your own SeneGence Business? Let’s Talk as I plan to be here for a long time.

SenseCosmetics…Last Day thru Evening!

You are probably saying “No Such Thing…Not true!” Yes, I put my cosmetics on in the morning and remove them at night. I will only on a rare occasion possibly re-apply my LipSense LipStain in the late afternoon if I am going out that evening.
senegence-international-cosmetic-line.jpgSeneGence is committed to only offering women a valuable solution with cosmetics that are fabulous for your skin in addition to being long lasting.

SeneGence Sense Cosmetics offers a complete line of semi permanent cosmetics.

Please read below a Day in the life of a true SeneGence Cosmetic Junkie and long time customer Susan N.

She wakes up in the morning and takes a shower, carefully cleansing her face first with SeneDerm Cleanser follow by using her SeneGence Body Wash SenePlex to clean and deliver skincare to nourish her skin. When Susan is finished with her shower, she pats herself dry and will lightly spritz Climate Control Climate Controlall over her body followed by our Shea Butter Body Cream Moisturizer. An interesting piece of information from Susan is that if she is running short on time she will not be left with dry skin anymore in case she has to eliminate applying her moisturizer one morning. Susan applies her cosmetics after her Daytime Moisturizer and EyeCream. Her is the run down of her long lasting Semi Permanent SeneGence Cosmetics. She uses 2 MakeSense Foundations, Suede & Dewy to blend her perfect shade. She will also add MakeSense Pearlizer to her Berry Blush for the luminous look she prefers with her blush. She had several ShadowSense Shadows SeneGence Semi-Permanent Eye Collection Cosmeticsand chooses to use Candlelight EyeShadow as her concealer. She never leaves home without filing in her eyebrows with BrowSense. She prefers our volumizing mascara called LashSense with UnderSense. She uses CopperMist Bronzing powder dusted lightly over her entire face. As I mentioned before…Susan is a SeneGence Junkie…With that being said she owns about LipSense14 different LipSense Shades, 4 different types of glosses and 3 LinerSense Lip liners. I would generally recommend that you own a minimum of 3 different LipSense Shades as that will give you 27 different color options due to the layering aspects of Lip Sense.

Susan also owns many additional items in the line although she does not use them daily. She gives our new Facial Mask RAVE reviews. She will also use our bath salts in the evening for an aromatherapy type of bath.

A Huge Thanks to Susan for sending me this info! A present for you is on the way with your most recent order.

Put Your Best Face Forward with SeneGence

christmas-ornament.jpg I had a fabulous day yesterday! I put my Holiday SeneGence Face on fairly early in the morning because I was planning a day of FUN. I was not going to return home prior to attending a Christmas Ornament exchange with friends that evening.

In the morning I did my usual answering of emails and phone calls with several customers. I packed up orders that needed to head out the door by 3:00pm.
Same day shipping is something I always strive to offer my customers.

Mom & Daughter Christmas 2007

Just so Happy & had to SHARE…Check ou the current picture of myself and the apple of my eye….Daughter, Alexis. Then I decided to schedule a Nail Appointment to rid myself of my French Manicure and have RED Nail Enamel applied to add to my festive seasonal look. I was so excited to put color back on my nails that I could hardly wait to apply my cosmetics to be ready to my day of FUN.

OKAY on to my Holiday Face…Start off with Climate Control followed by my SeneGence SeneDerm Daytime Moisturizer and EyeCreme. Our weather is beginning to be Harsh & Dry which means Climate Control will cycle in my skincare regimen everyday. Next I apply my MakeSense Cafe Au Lait foundation followed by my MakeSense Blender concealer. This is a technique that Joni Rogers (CEO & Founder of SeneGence) recently taught a group of women in my home at a very special glamor event. APPLY YOUR CONCEALER AFTER YOUR FOUNDATION ( you will have to use brushes if you use this technique). Now I am on to my eyes…Oh how I love to watch my eyes transform when I apply my ShadowSense, EyeSense, BrowSense and finally my LashSense with UnderSense volume building mascara. Here comes my favorite part of my cosmetic regimen…I add a little bronzing powder with our makesense pearlizer and a touch of cherry blush for my Blush.

My Holiday LipSense Lipcolor is 1 layer of Moca LipSense followed by Neutral LipLiner(I like ease of application and the look of our liner after the 1st layer of LipSense) , 2nd layer of LipSense is Blu Red, followed by my 3rd layer of LipSense which is our beautiful Diamond LipSense Beige Baguette . Top this off with Diamond Pearl Lip Sense Lip Gloss.

Now I am out the door and on my way to the Nail Salon, then my Hair Salon, to a Clients to show her our new mask and deliver skincare that she was in DESPERATE emergency need of and then on to my Ornament exchange at 6:30 (lookin Great). We had such a great evening. Nothing like Girlfriends!
YES! I finally removed my cosmetics last night a 11:30…Whew! That’s a late night for me.

Make it BOLD with RED HOT SeneSTYLE This Holiday Season

Yes, I know that Red is a tradtional color for the holiday season but much more than that this year. When you are out and about just take a look at the the RED garments, Red Shoes, Red Handbags, Red Jewelry available this season.

Red Lips For The Holiday SeasonMake a Statememt with Red!
Red Lips are the perfect red addition even for that little Black Dress or that Vibrant Red Jacket


Dazzle with gold, glitter, Diamonds (even on your Lips) and most of all Glam it up with Red Lipstick both Day and night. LipSense Semi Permanent Lipstick is the perfect choice for your Red Lipstick….WHY? because LipSense will stay right where you put it. No worries about lipstick on you teeth or you glass. Your Red LipSense will not smudge, smear and will last 4 to 18 hours.

LipSense offers several captivating shades of Red. LipSense Starter KitAre you looking for a brilliant true red? Try Blu-Red LipSense which is actually a more orange based red or if you are looking for a more blue toned red try Cranberry LipSense. Are you looking to slightly lighten your Red LipSense by Day? Try Pink Champagne LipSense as your 3rd and final layer of LipSense. If you prefer a slight burnt tone to your RED then take a look at Red Cherry Lip Sense or Brick LipSense. Now we are ready to move on to your moisture delivery system….Our Shea Butter Gloss.

One of our newest shades of Diamond LipSense is Radiant Red . You will “WOW” your friends with actual Diamond Dust in your LipColor.

You will want to carry 2 different glosses this Holiday Season. I would recommend either Glossy or Pearl by day thenlipsense diamond glossjazz it up a bit at night with Lip Sense Diamond Kiss Gloss or LipSense Diamond Pearl Gloss. Just the right amont of understated elegance in the Diamond Dust Line of LipSense.

Have a little FUN…Be a little BOLD…Make a Statement this holiday season with your very own Signature shade of Red LipSense.

Beat Chapped Lips with LipSense

Are you aware that many of the products women and men standly use to smooth as well as enhance the texture of your lips contain wax or resin. Wax and Resin can actually cause the very problem you think you are curing. You are only taming the fibers down on top of your lips and creating a barrier that in the end heals nothing.

LipSense and Shea Butter Gloss Your Way to Beautiful LipsLipSense is a botanical based semi permanent lipcolor as well as a mechanical shield against harmful sun rays and in some cases harsh environment. When you put our Shea Butter gloss on top of the LipSense you will notice that the gloss penetrates the lipcolor to start the process of healing your lips from the inside out. If you are a 1st time user of Lip Sense this process takes approximately 2 weeks to completely exfoiliate your lips.

In the winter months, I would recommend that you apply our sports balm or glossy before bedtime. Protecting your lips at night is necessary because of the dry heat produced from heating our homes in the winter months. This will insure that you keep those beautiful lips all year long.

NO Lead In LipSense

LipSense..Semi Permanent Lead Free Long lasting Lip ColorI have written on this site before regarding lead in lipstick. NO lead in LipSense. LipSense is not only an incredible product but in fact Lip Sense is also great for your lips.
This past week , “Lead in Lipstick” has been in the NEWS! Yesterday, I caught the tail end of a story regarding lead in lipsticks on ABC’s “GoodMorning America” followed by my husband, Rick calling to tell me to take a look at “Yahoo News”. He went onto say that he had just read an article addressing lead in Lipsticks and wanted to make certain that LipSense did not contain lead. I assured him that LipSense is a Very Safe Product and in a Lead Free long lasting lipstick.

SeneGence International was bombarded with phone calls from Customers and Distributors regarding this issue of concern. Finally, late Friday afternoon they sent the following email to All SeneGence Distributors.

“Lead in LipSense®? NO WAY

Over the past few years, SeneGence® has received various inquiries about the possibility of lead in our products. Consumers of SeneGence products may feel entirely comfortable wearing all of our beautiful LipSense colors knowing that they do not contain lead and our products are not ingested by the wearer, unlike other wax-based lip products. SeneGence products do not contain, nor have they ever contained any amount of lead.

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