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LipSense Classic Colors

Classic LipSense

LipSenseĀ® liquid lip colors are offered in a wide variety of captivating shades, allowing for carefree beauty that lasts throughout your day! Use three layers of any individual shade, or layer a combination to create your own signature color.

If you are a 1st time user, You will want to purchase the LipSense Collection Set to include a lipcolor of your choice, a glossy gloss and an Oops Remover.

Purchase just Three shades and you have 27 different Lipstick options.
LipSenseĀ® liquid lip color comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube that will last up to six months.

ORDER LIPSENSE NOW or check out all of the wonderful array of colors below.

Please email or call me at 314-283-6402 if you would like more personalized service or if you do not find the LipSense color below that you are looking to purchase.

Free Shipping on all Orders over $60.00 or you may want to choose a Free functional zippered
Black LipSense pouch that is suitable for carrying up to five Lipsense.

To purchase, please click one of the product NAMESĀ  below and you will be redirected to our secure ordering server or

Party Pink LipSense

Item #: Discontinued

Price: $22.00

Sheer Pink LipSense

Item #: 1020

Price: $22.00

Dark Pink LipSense

Item #: 1020

Price: $22.00

Fuscia LipSense

Item #: 1040

Price: $22.00

Blush LipSense

Item #: 1050

Price: $22.00

Currant LipSense

Item #: 1060

Price: $22.00

Dusty Rose LipSense

Item #: 1070

Price: $22.00

Sheer Berry LipSense

Item #: 1080

Price: $22.00

Plum LipSense

Item #: 1090

Price: $22.00

Blu-Red LipSense

Item #: 1100

Price: $22.00

Red Cherry

Item #: 1110

Price: $22.00

Brick LipSense

Item #: 1120

Price: $22.00

Samon LipSense

Item #: 1130

Price: $22.00

Peach LipSense

Item #: 1140

Price: $22.00

Nude LipSense

Item #: 1150

Price: $22.00

Moca LipSense

Item #: 1160

Price: $22.00

Light Bronze LipSense

Item #: 1170

Price: $22.00

Cranberry LipSense

Item #: 1180

Price: $22.00

Neutral LipSense

Item #: 1182

Price: $22.00

Beige Champagne LipSense

Item #: 1184

Price: $22.00

RoseBerry LipSense

Item #: 1185

Price: $22.00

Persimmon LipSense

Item #: 1186

Price: $22.00

Summer Sunset LipSense

Item #: 1187

Price: $22.00

Coral Reef LipSense

Item #: 1188

Price: $22.00

C Coral LipSense

Item #: 1193

Price: $22.00

Sun Burst Orange LipSense

Item #: Discontinued

Price: $22.00

Fantasy Fuscia LipSense

Item #: 1192

Price: $22.00

Raisin LipSense

Item #: 1367

Price: $22.00

Creamy LipSense

Item #: Discontinued

Price: $22.00

Sugar Plum LipSense

Item #: 1369

Price: $22.00

Summer Love LipSense

Item #: Discontinued

Price: $22.00

Cocoa LipSense

Item #: 1371

Price: $22.00

Pink Ice LipSense

Item #: 1800

Price: $22.00

Coral Ice LipSense

Item #: 1805

Price: $22.00

Rose Ice LipSense

Item #: 1810

Price: $22.00

Fire-n-Ice LipSense

Item #: 1815

Price: $22.00

Spice Ice LipSense

Item #: 1820

Price: $22.00

Mauve Ice LipSense

Item #: 1825

Price: $22.00

Please call or email me if you are looking for Discontinued Lipsense or SeneGence products.

39 Responses to “LipSense Classic Colors”

  1. on 26 Jan 2007 at 4:55 pmBunnySpa

    Review: LipSense Liquid Lip Color from

    So did it live up to the 4-12 hour wear? I decided to really give this product a run for its money. I had a 3 day craft fair that I was doing and applied the LipSense products at 9am. I did lots of gabbing, sipping my drinks, eating food and so on. I reapplied the gloss (only) around 12pm to keep my lips moisturized, without checking my lip color. I checked my lips at 2pm, to find that my lip color looked exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, as it did when I applied everything at 9am! I kid you not! I was impressed.

    At around 5pm is when I noticed that the color was only slightly beginning to wear off, and in the center of my lips. Which, actually, gave my lips the look of appearing fuller due to the lighter color of my lips showing through in the center. I only had to touch up the center of my lips with the liquid color and I was good until 8pm, at which point I decided to take off the LipSense for the night. I lightly rubbed the wand with Ooops over my lips, and it easily took off the color. Fabulous!

    Things I noticed, but quickly got over: LipSense Lip Color tingles a bit when being applied. I almost want to say it felt like tickling more than tingling. It quickly subsides as soon as you apply the gloss. Also, I am used to my lipsticks and glosses having some sort of fruity scent. LipSense Lip Color has more of a medicinal scent to it, again, it goes away when you apply the gloss. And honestly? After about 3 days, I didn’t even notice anymore.

    Other things I loved about this product besides that it lasted for hours on end: The color didn’t rub, kiss or smear off! I was amazed.

    So if you have been looking for a lip color that lasts you the day, you can surely find it in SeneGence’s LipSense Liquid Lip Color. I can honestly say I love this product!

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  7. on 08 Aug 2008 at 3:22 pmJessica

    I can say that this makeup has changed the way I think about going into local store and buying anything to put onto my face.

    My mother first got me started on it and still that is what she gives me at christmas time, something I use everyday, trust the coverage, works as well as it says, and no waste of money, and makes your face feel good.

    My tip for the lipstick it is Great and the colors are what they look like on the tube, so if you want to mix a little darker liner and do not have one use the lipstick just apply a thin line around your natural outline, and if you want them to seem fuller just go a bit above the natural lip line, do not try by going all out and thinking you could make them way big because this stuff is no joke to remove!

    I love it and all the lip, eye, base products have been wonderfull!
    Oh another big plus you look younger and your face feels lite not full of makeup!


  8. on 11 Aug 2008 at 11:11 amcclifton63021


    LipSense reviews and SeneGence testimonials are critical to our business and I want you to know how much I truly appreciate your feedback. I am sure customers will enjoy your LipSense tip.

    I am sending my daughter off to college this week-end with her make up bag full of SeneGence Skincare, Makesense foundation & SeneGence Pearlizers as well as a few eye products and of course LipSense. She feels the same way you do.

    Thanks Again…Carol

  9. on 14 Feb 2010 at 6:24 pmJennifer

    I’ve worn the lipsense classic and Diamond collection for several years. I can’t imagine wearing “regular” lipstick again that I’d have to reapply every couple of hours. I love this Lipsense as I will apply it three times a day. I plan to be a lifetime customer.

  10. on 15 Feb 2010 at 10:24 amcclifton63021

    Hi! Jennifer,

    Yes! Your are a MOST loyal user! In fact, since the beginning of my marriage with LipSense.

    Please check your email for a special gift for such a marvelous testimonial.
    Check out the newest shade of LipSense! Quite appropriately named Crimson Red. It is a sheerer, blue red with a slight hint of purple.

  11. on 24 Jun 2010 at 7:25 amChristie

    I am loving my new lipsense lipstick. I am one who applies lipstick allll day long. HMMMM what am I going to do with my FREE time???

  12. on 15 Dec 2010 at 3:24 pmcclifton63021

    Hi! Christie,
    OR should I say Happy Birthday! I am soooo glad you love your Currant, Praline Rose and Brick LipSense. Please accept my apology for being so tardy with my reply.
    Comments are very much appreciated! and rewarded.
    On Your next order for any SeneGence products of $60.00+ you will be entitled to purchase a gloss of your choice for $10.00.
    Please contact me via phone or email for instructions.
    Hugs & Thanks

  13. on 27 Mar 2011 at 10:39 amSue Young Hong


    I want to say that LipSense is the best “lipstick” I have used in years. I use all different colors with Sheer Berry being my favorite everyday color along with the pearl lip gloss. It’s the only product I have used that doesn’t dry out my lips and I have used all the top brands like Chanel, Estee, Clinique, Origins, Lancome, etc.. I have thrown away all my old lipsticks and only use SeneGence products for my lips.


  14. on 26 May 2011 at 8:02 amcclifton63021

    Thanks for the Rave Review and also allowing me to be your LipSense Distributor.
    Isn’t it a blast to rid your cosmetic graveyard of lousy lipsticks? Many women do not realize that those waxy lipsticks can be the root cause of dry lips. Wax and/or resin are key components in most conventional lipsticks. Those ingredients create tiny lesions in your lips that are constantly screaming to be tamed down by re-applying the cause. That Vicious cycle = Yucky lips. Enough of my rant.
    SheerBerry is Fabulous everyday shade and next time your order, Please remind me that I owe you a discount on your Pearl Gloss.

  15. on 02 Jul 2011 at 11:10 pmLeslie

    I just had to write and tell you how much I love this product! It does everything that it says it will ! I can’t begin to tell you how many different lipsticks I have tried in my lifetime, but I can tell you that lipsense will be the last one! I love, love, love it!


  16. on 20 Jul 2011 at 10:51 amIRMA

    Thank you for being right on the color everytime!

    I have been using the product since 2002!!!!!

    need a true color for SUMMER FLING AND SUMMER TREAT.

  17. on 11 Aug 2011 at 12:32 pmcclifton63021

    Irma…Would love to share with you the perfect TRUE replacements for Summer Fling & Summer Treat Lipsense but NO!
    Some of the newer shades are very interesting! One of my newest favorites is a Strawberry Shortcake which is close to Summer Treat with a bit more vibrancy although goes on very sheer…GORGEOUS but better hurry & maybe consider hoarding because it is a limited edition shade. Kiss Me Katie Lipsense is a sheer Pinky Peach Coral that looks stunning over Strawberry Shortcake.
    You should at least consider trying both of those shades and as always…No sale is final until you are happy. Great customer service makes for very satisfied clients.

  18. on 11 Aug 2011 at 12:41 pmcclifton63021

    Leslie, THANK YOU!!!! and a few more for feeling the love for LipSense just like me. Time to throw away your lipstick graveyard. Please contact me directly on your next SeneGence products of $60.00+ you will be entitled to purchase a gloss of your choice for $10.00.
    I appreciate you taking the time to write something so nice.

  19. on 17 Feb 2012 at 3:03 pmBarbara K

    I have used LipSense Classic Colors for approximately 10+ years. My old standby is “persimmon”. I love putting on two colors to make an unusual hue. I have randomly tried other brands at the drugstore which didn’t have extended wear as advertised, or felt like sandpaper. I encourage every woman to try this product!

  20. on 20 Jun 2012 at 12:22 pmuthy

    I do love Lipsense’s aple cider colour. That’s my favorite the most. Thanks lipsense

  21. on 20 Jul 2012 at 1:14 amSabra P

    I love this product. I am not one to spend a lot of time once I’m ready for the dayon make-up touch ups or anything of that nature. I used to go bare lipped most of the time because I just couldn’t be bothered with reapplying. Now my lips are covered all day, no touch ups necessary except if I want to reapply the gloss.

  22. on 10 Nov 2012 at 12:34 pmJean Griffin

    I just purchased my first tube of LipSense and love it! I got a new color called Mojave. After reading your website, I saw that you suggested getting 3 colors to layer and offer variety. Could you recommend some colors I should consider. I am in my 60’s and am sort of blondish-gray. My hair was darker when I was younger, but because of the gray and high lights growing out, it is light. I was once color matched and am an autumn, with skin tones of yellow and a touch of pink. I have found that as I am getting grayer, I can wear the jewel tones in clothing. I don’t like bright lipstick if that helps. Any advice?

    Thanks so much,

  23. on 18 Mar 2013 at 8:21 pmCarol P

    Hi Carol so glad I have purchased LipSense from you for years and it is still fabulous and long lasting.I fogot to take it off the other night and woke up with beautiful color.People stop me and ask me what I’m wearing-like. dark pink and not only is the color great but I talk about the long lasting and they are sold as I was.Keep up the wonderful products and your outstanding customer service

  24. on 28 Mar 2013 at 10:40 amcclifton63021

    Thanks for being such a loyal customer all these years. Your glowing compliment for LipSense and know that it will help other women with there decision process to try the best long lasting lipstick on the planet.
    Please remind me when you call to place your order of $60.00+ you will be entitled to purchase a gloss of your choice for $10.00.
    Glowing Lipsense reviews such as yours make my job so much easier and I appreciate it.

  25. on 28 Mar 2013 at 10:42 amcclifton63021

    Apple Cider is absolutely my #1 Pick for any women that is warm toned and looking for a daily natural lipcolor! It’s perfect with a bit of peach, pink and dash of brown. Love it.

  26. on 28 Mar 2013 at 11:18 amcclifton63021

    Sabra- You speak to most busy women these days when it comes to putting that best face forward daily! Did you ever try my recommendation for you:
    1-2 layers of SheerBerry
    1-2 layers of Pink Champagne
    Top it off with Pearl Gloss
    It’s such a great daily color! and can be worn year round.

  27. on 28 Mar 2013 at 12:11 pmcclifton63021

    Jean…Mojave is one of my favorite colors as well and you will have many options to choose from to give you fabulous options.
    Napa is a very interesting deep purple red burgundy that when used as your third layer over Mojave.
    My third choice would be one of two possibilities to include a warmer toned pink to include with Summer Sunset or Sheer Pink
    Another option would be to soften and tint your deeper shades and my top pick for your coloring would be one of the newest shades called Luv It. It is a very soft Pinky peach unless you find it conflicting with you specific color of gray.
    Would love talk more about your shades…Feel free to ask questions

  28. on 28 Mar 2013 at 12:22 pmcclifton63021

    XO!!Big Hugs To you Carol! Can still remember when we met at the Show in Chicago all those years ago. Thanks for the wonderful review and remind me that I owe you for all the kind words my friend.
    ALSO Thanks again for sending your friend my way.

  29. on 18 Feb 2014 at 8:57 pmBette S.

    I have been wearing Lipsense for years. I love not leaving a lipstick stain on coffee cups and glasses. I can go all day and still have my lipstick on. My friend loses her lipstick as soon as she eats lunch and she leaves a lipstick stain on her glass. I don’t. I will always have my Lipsense and the gloss. I like the other makeup products as well.

  30. on 19 Feb 2014 at 12:24 pmcclifton63021

    Hi!Bette…Thanks for being such a loyal user of LipSense as well as other SeneGence products.
    I will never understand way women that go to an effort to look there best, continue to buy messy old lipstick that comes off in minutes and then transfer to everything it touches.
    Thanks!!!for taking the time to write a review! Please call me to place your next order of $60.00+, you will be entitled to purchase a gloss of your choice for $10.00.

  31. on 20 Feb 2014 at 1:26 amMichelle

    Hi I am trying to kick my constant lip balm application issue, and I hear this is the best product to go to! I have a very fair skin tone, and I’m looking for the most neutral color possible since my chapstick does not have any color. Any color suggestions for me?

  32. on 20 Feb 2014 at 1:28 amMichelle

    Hi I’m trying to kick my constant lip balm applications to the curb. I hear LipSense is the best product to do so with! I’m very fair skinned and would like the most neutral color possible because my chapstick has no color. Any color suggestions for me?

  33. on 20 Feb 2014 at 10:42 amcclifton63021

    Hi! Michelle,
    You have certainly arrived at the right place to KICK you chapstick habit…Patience is required!
    Take a look at LipSense shades Capuccino (very light pinky brown) or Kiss Me Katie (lighter Peach with a slight touch of pink).
    Make certain to purchase the Lipsense collection set to include Color, Glossy Gloss and the oops remover. You should also consider adding the Moisturizing Lip Balm to use at bedtime to speed of the healing process caused by the waxy champstick.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and feel free to ask any additional questions

  34. on 14 Aug 2014 at 10:23 pmLinda Bain

    I love my LipSense. I have been using it for 10 years. It does not feather around my lips. I really appreciate the fast service that Carol gives me. I usually receive my order within a couple of days.

  35. on 23 Oct 2015 at 10:09 amKristin Miller

    This was my first experience with using LipSense. It stays on!! I layered the Cocoa liner with the Capuccino lip color for a great effect. I’ve gotten so many compliments & no more lipstick marks on wine glasses!

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